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IBETCHA box and cards banner small v10.jpg

I Betcha - The Game


I Betcha - The Game

IBETCHA Party Game: Hear your friends' craziest stories and laugh your face off!


IBETCHA smashes Cards Against Humanity and Never Have I Ever into one hilarious party game. Guess what your friends have done, hear their stories, then laugh your face off. You’re gonna love IBETCHA, we guarantee it.

  • This is the new, revised and improved version of the game
  • Includes 396 cards with the craziest things your friends might have done, ranked by explicitness
  • Prefect for game nights and pre-games
  • Drinking rules optional, but encouraged
  • 3 - 10 players
  • Ages: 17+
  • You can checkout the game by downloading the black & white printer-friendly version below
Laugh until we cried!!! This game is a must have!
— Amazon Customer

Download IBETCHA 2.0 black & white printer-friendly version of the game. Print and play tonight!

How to play

Basic Rules

To start the game, each player draws eight Betcha Cards.

The hottest person begins as The Victim.

Everyone else puts down a card (face-down) they think The Victim has done.

The Victim shuffles all the cards then reads each one aloud and says ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to each card.

The group then picks which story they want The Victim to tell. Whoever submitted the chosen card gets to keep the card and receives the number of points on the card.

After each round, a new player becomes The Victim, and everyone draws back up to eight Betcha Cards.

The first person to reach ten points* wins!

*You can also play forever.

House Rules

There are millions of ways to mix-up the rules. Here are a few:

Flushin’ Roulette: Instead of giving everyone eight cards, all of the cards are stacked in a pile in the middle of the table. One person at a time draws a card from the top of the deck, and if they’ve done the action they tell the story and give out the number of drinks on the card. If they haven’t done the action, they take the number of drinks on the card. Prepare for fun.

Erik’s Rules: Instead of saying yes or no to each card, The Victim chooses a card to tell a story about. The story can be real or completely made up. Everyone secretly votes on whether they think the story is Fact or Fiction, then The Victim reveals if it’s true or not. Everyone who voted correctly gets the number of points on the card.

Online Version: Take a picture of three #ibetcha cards, then tag The Victim and three friends with the message:

#ibetcha have done one of these. Post a 1-minute video of your story and we’ll write Fact or Fiction in the comments. Everyone hates you.

Have Fun!


I Betcha - The Team

The Team

I Betcha - The Team

The Team



Channce is a transient from Canada and grew up riding the rails from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg in search of nourishment. Please consider sending him a Loonie or Toonie or other ridiculous currency.



Felipe is from Chile where he served as the Secretary of Dance and Pools. He’s really excited to learn the English and appreciates Erik writing this bio.



Erik has never done drugs but he thinks they sound nice. Should kids smoke? Yep. Originally from Chicago, Erik now lives in Boston and hopes to one day visit Orlando.  

A little story about the game...

After playing thousands of party games we realized an opportunity to grab some sandwiches. We pressed through many hours of awkward silence drinking caffeine-free cola until we all said in unison “IBETCHA would be a great card game.” Channce tried to jinx us but Felipe had his fingers crossed and Erik doesn’t believe in magic. A couple hotmails later and we were in business. IBETCHA. The family card game for fucked up families.