Channce is a transient from Canada and grew up riding the rails from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg in search of nourishment. Please consider sending him a Loonie or Toonie or other ridiculous currency.



Felipe is from Chile where he served as the Secretary of Dance and Pools. He’s really excited to learn the English and appreciates Erik writing this bio.



Erik has never done drugs but he thinks they sound nice. Should kids smoke? Yep. Originally from Chicago, Erik now lives in Boston and hopes to one day visit Orlando.  

A little story about the game...

After playing thousands of party games we realized an opportunity to grab some sandwiches. We pressed through many hours of awkward silence drinking caffeine-free cola until we all said in unison “IBETCHA would be a great card game.” Channce tried to jinx us but Felipe had his fingers crossed and Erik doesn’t believe in magic. A couple hotmails later and we were in business. IBETCHA. The family card game for fucked up families.